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Short Cut - $45

short haircut.jpeg

A precision cut with clippers / shears, includes wash and end style.


To maintain: Book appointment every 2-6 weeks

Medium Cut -$60


A precision cut with shears for hair that is long enough to tuck behind your ears but doesn't fall past your shoulders. Includes wash and express blow-dry


To maintain: Book appointment every 2-4 months

Long Cut - $75


A precision cut with shears for hair that falls below the shoulder. Includes a wash and express blow-dry


To maintain: Book appointment every 3-6 months

Buzz Cut - $25


Clipper cut all over with the option of 1-2 blades including wash. This is not a skin fade.


To maintain: Book appointment every 2-5 weeks

Kids Cut (7 & under) - $40


All kids welcome! We strive to give your kids a great experience, whatever their hair needs. Lollipops for all!

Quick & Dirty - $25

quick dirty_edited.jpg

Has your short haircut lost its shine? Like how the top looks but want the sides, back and neck line cleaned up real quick? Well this option is for you! Quick clean up to keep your cut looking fresh. Wash not included.

Blowout - $75


SheBang - $150


When it'a time to treat yourself! Price includes an indulgent shampoo, scalp massage, precision cut and full blow-out

Price includes indulgent shampoo, full blow-out and hot tool. Choose from our signature styles:

Alki Beach Waves,

Seattle Subtle, 

California Ave, 

Caffeinated Curl,

The Frances Farmer.

All Over Color - $125


A single process with one color all over from roots to ends

Bleach & Tone - $125

bleach and tone_edited.jpg

You are all blonde and need your roots done, less than an inch of regrowth

Root Retouch - $100


Covering the roots, less than an inch of new growth

Shine/Toner/ Gloss -$80


Demi permanent color service that enhances, enriches, and tones natural or color treated hair. Lasts 24 washes.

Partial Foil/ Balayage -$160

full foil.jpeg

Partial foil is 7-24 foils. Your stylist will consult with you to determine placement. Partial balayage is a freehand painting technique around the front of the head.

Full Foil/Balayage - $240


Full foil is a foiled highlights or lowlights around the entire head. Balayage is a free hand painting technique around the entire head. Foilayage is a combination of both techniques.

Panel of Vivid Color - $100


Add a pop of color, this service includes bleach and bright color.

Straight Razor Head Shave - $50


Hot towel head shave done with a straight razor to give you a soft, smooth look. Includes moisturizer/aftershave.

Straight Razor Face Shave - $75

cody pic_edited.jpg

A Hot towel shave with essential oils and a straight razor. Includes a deep cleansing, toning treatment, moisturizer/aftershave. Includes a beard trim/mustache trim.

Straight Razor Neck Shave - $10


A straight razor on the back of the neck and around the ears.

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